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application layer in Networking

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Application layer is the upper most layer in OSI and TCP model. It is the layer which is responsible for giving interface between two nodes for an application. there are a lot of protocols which are categorized into application layer.

protocols are:

1. DNS



4. POP



In DNS ie. domain name system/service/server , As we know that every server has its own ip address . but it is too difficult to remember the ip address of every server . so for solution of this problem , DNS was introduced. with that computer can communicate by the URL OR URI of server.

in HTTP, whatever we are communicate by client (browser) and server or peer to peer , all are because of HTTP.


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I am passionate about cryptography and Information Security. I have done Masters in Computer Science and Information security from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala. I want to be a researcher in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis domain.

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