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social life as silence player


As we know that we grow with our society. Whatever we get in our nature and behavior , all adoptions come by society and family . We live in such a society where we can flourish with joyfulness . Our society gives us whatever we need to grow so that we will live with all dimensions of life. After our family , society is the main player to make us whatever we are now.

If we are now in a good position , there is also a role of social life in your present condition. Whenever we have in that position where you can do something for your society then you should do definately. you should not wait for some moment , just do. you should be ubiquitous for your society . you should not even think once for giving your effort and time for your society.

Believe me my friend, your little time and effort will be tremendous help for your society . You can do something for your society any time by doing anything. Like If you are student , you can make some community with your classmates and try to aware people for any social issue . you can do camping with your colleagues. You can also do these things by giving support to some social agencies (NGOs) .

You can manage your camping with your social sites like facebook , G+ etc. . you can make some pages for your camping on facebook.

There are several NGOs where you can join, you can search state wise agencies :

you can visit and find any suable NGOs for you by this above website.

“Even in social life, you will never make a good impression on other people until you stop thinking about what sort of impression you’re making”

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