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Paris Attack: A cyber Challenge


     Paris attack which was an attack by ISIS (an terrorist organization) on 13 November 2015. This attack shows how much they are strong. They were communicating continuously with each other during attack or before attack by some chatting applications like wechat or telegram but France secrete agencies and many other Govt. agencies were not able to get there Communication. Since, It is very difficult for any organization to break the encryption of modern encryption algorithms. So Govt. is demanding decryption key or some backdoor entry for secrete agencies so that they can get the actual data. But, Question is that Will it helpful? No, It will not. Because, They can use some other applications which are not under the Europe govt. encryption policy.


     Now, lets talk about NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden  , He is a former NSA contractor and whistle blower and now blamed for the cause of Paris attack by some official agencies. The blame on him is that he leaked the changes made by the Obama administration to surveillance. This leaked information led directly to the inability of the Intelligence organization in US and France for preventing the Paris Attack. Still, By the metadata of encrypted messages, US govt. already got some hits of PARIS ATTACK and It is also in news that US Govt. warned to the France Govt. before 2 months about the attack. Now, If France Govt. already knew that the attack might be happened, then how anyone can accuse Edward Snowden for this attack.


     We can not forget Anonymous and GhostSec groups, These are most popular groups who are fighting with ISIS in cyber space. Anonymous is the most famous ‘hacktivist’ group in the world. and they are famous for doing cyber attacks on the corrupted corporations and organizations. Now, Anonymous group announced that they will destroy the existence of cyber space of ISIS. within 2 days, A Telegram channel that’s believed to be affiliated with ISIS hackers then sent out a message to its followers instructing them how to prevent getting hacked by Anonymous.


     Another group GHOSTSEC, they are working for last more than 1 year against ISIS. On their website, the mission is :

      “Our mission is to eliminate the online presence of Islamic extremist groups such as Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab in an effort to stymie their recruitment and limit their ability to organize international terrorist efforts.”

     After analysis of above information, We can say ISIS also has great team of technical people and they are more intelligence in cyber space. Now Let’s see who will win in cyber space ISIS who is killer or Govt and these groups who are fighting against terrorist.