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Bland Indore’s public transport

Today, after contemplating about the transport in Indore, I am going to write which i found here within 20 days.

After a long time, I came in Indore. I have found one BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) which is working fine. This system gives relief for a common man, students and others who are traveled daily by local transport in a particular road. This BRTS ┬áis in one of the main road in Indore. Except this BRTS, It is hurdle to travel from other areas of Indore. I am talking about the bland Indore’s public transport. This public transport glimpses how, In a city, passengers are treated. There is no frequently city buses on other roots except BRTS. I agree, The approach of BRTS should be accolade in this city. But what’s about the other roots where people have no frequent city buses. People have to traveled by some other local transport where there is no respect of people, no value of passenger but people have to travel since there is no alternate for them especially in the evening time. Govt. should try to solve this riddle.

I supposed that some one who is related to public transport in Indore, may read this blog and instead of tripping up, try to get some solution for this bland transport.