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Role of money in higher studies

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Everyone knows , Importance of money in our day to day life. We can see how our works stop due to lack of money. When we talk about our higher education , we need a huge amount of money for paying the fee. As we know that most of technical and management degree’s fee is too high.  So there are certain amount of student who want to do technical or management degree but due to the financial problem , they have to go in science field even they do not have that much interest in the science faculty .  When we seek the solution of this problem , we can say that , there are several banks which provide education loan, or even we can say that there are several scholarships or funds which are provided by govt. .  But problem is still there with some particular type of people who do not have anything for bank and who do not have such type of criteria by which they can get the scholarships or funds . So , I think , We cannot do any thing with those who do not have anything for bank but we can do something for them who are not under the criteria but they are poor .

In India , The scholarship is provided only for a particular community . The scholarship provides on the basis of community, not on the basis of poverty . and As we know that many communities which are not consider for scholarship or fund but there are many people who are under poverty line . So government should also provide some help these type of people.  Diversity1


Author: nishant kashyap

I am passionate about cryptography and Information Security. I have done Masters in Computer Science and Information security from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala. I want to be a researcher in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis domain.

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