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somebody says true that  ” we do not realize the value of things that we got too easy. ”  everyone has friends . If anybody says to you that categorize your friends then how you will categorize your friends. most of people will categorize their friends as best friends and only friends  or may be someone categorizes his/her friends as boy friends and girlfriends .

firstly , i want to say how a person is made your friend and why some people become your best friends or some not. I think the person who has same thinking as you have, will become your best friend . I can also say that a person who listens  you , will become your best friend. so try to listen other’s voice , other’s thoughts , definitely they will become your best friends. I have rare friends , but i have that rare friends with 100% dedicated friendship. I am also true friend for them .


Author: nishant kashyap

I am passionate about cryptography and Information Security. I have done Masters in Computer Science and Information security from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala. I want to be a researcher in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis domain.

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