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Scope in mathematics

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When I passed Bachelor of science in mathematics . I have searched  for relevant masters courses in the field of mathematics . So , Now I want to share some knowledge regarding in this field.

Normally , people think that there is no jobs, no career in this field in India.

but I want to say people are wrong , we can get  job better than other fields. Here , I am sharing some subfields by which we can get jobs in the field of mathematics:

1. probability and statics

2. computational science

3.  applied mathematics

4. cryptography and information security

5. Operational Research……………. etc.

There are certain colleges which provide specialization  in these subfields of mathematics :

1. Indian Institute of Statics kolkata  :- you can do Bachelor of maths or statics , master of maths or statics , MS in various branches etc.

2.  Indian Institute of Technology and Management , kerala :- Here , you can do Master of Science in Information Security (related to cryptography), Master of Science in Computational Science etc.

3.  Institute of Mathematical Science , Chennai :-  Here, you can do Masters in Theoretical Computer Science, Masters in Mathematics etc.

4.Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay and Delhi University :- These Both colleges provide Masters in Operational Research .

5. You can also applied for NET, UPSC , and other competitive exams after masters.

6. you can also apply for GATE entrance exam after masters.

These colleges are india’s best colleges because of there unique courses and study  in these colleges means a good career and good job.

So, you can choose your area of interest in the field of mathematics .



Author: nishant kashyap

I am passionate about cryptography and Information Security. I have done Masters in Computer Science and Information security from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala. I want to be a researcher in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis domain.

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